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Support tools & links

Kumatech Free File transfer Service Transfer up to 5GB by uploading the files and emailing the recipient to download it. Simple quick and easy way to transfer very large files with no commitment.
SmallPDF Compress PDF’s by 99% & much more! Great site.
Barracuda Networks Load Balancers for Internet & application servers, etc.
F5 helps organizations meet the demands of relentless growth in applications, users, and data.
Catalyst 2948G-L3 Sample Configurations – Full Device Configurations
Juniper Netscreen ScreenOS Software Documentation
Dell PowerConnect 3400 Series CLI Reference Guide
Dell PowerConnect 34XX User’s Guide
 Dell PowerConnect 34XX Systems User’s Guide Addendum
Dell PowerConnect Switches in VoIP Deployments
Top 5 Reasons to choose Microsoft Hyper-V™ R2 SP1 over VMware vSphere 5
Cisco SFE SGE Managed Switches Administration Guide
Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4  Tool to allow capturing and protocol analysis of network traffic. IT systems monitoring from the Cloud
Dell Enterprise Networking
TFTPD32 Tftpd32 is a free, opensource IPv6 ready application which includes DHCP, TFTP, DNS, SNTP and Syslog servers as well as a TFTP client.
Dell PowerConnect™ 6200 Series Configuration Guide
Dell PowerConnect 6200 Series System CLI Reference Guide
Microsoft SyncToy 2.1a free application that synchronizes files and folders between locations.
NSRP (High Availability) Resolution Guides for Netscreen, ISG, SSG)
Sysinternals Suite
Speed test Internet you connection
Kumatech Subnet Calc Subnet Calculator
Kumatech FTP Support Files, Programs
Microsoft Security Essentials (Free AntiVirus)
Virus Threats Virus and Trojan removal tools
Critical Updates Microsoft Windows
Spy-ware Removal download free tool
“Tweak” computer performance settings
16 of the biggest VMWare HA and DRS configuration mistakes
Dell PowerConnect Series Switches -54xx 62xx Equallogic iSCSI Tuning
Equallogic Host Integration Tools for VMware Installation Guide
Best Practices for Deploying VMware and Dell EqualLogic
Dell EqualLogic Configuration Guide A guide to building an iSCSI based SAN solution with Dell™ EqualLogic™ PS Series Arrays
Microsoft Exchange Solutions on VMware
Top 10 Best Practices for VMware Data Protection
VIM VMware Virtual Infrastructure Methodology
VMware vSphere vMotion Architecture, Performance and Best Practices in VMware vSphere 5
vsphere-esxi-vcenter-server-50-storage-guide.pdf – iSCSI setup
vSphere-esxi-vcenter-server-50-availability-guide.pdf – HA setup
vsphere-esxi-vcenter-server-pubs.html KnowledgeBase
Montreal area VMware User Group
vsphere-esxi-vcenter-server-50-monitoring-performance-guide.pdf  esxtop is described starting in section 7, pg. 45
Interpreting esxtop Statistics doc file that provides additional information on collecting and interpreting the stats (It was designed for 4.1 but is very relevant for 5 as well – “Using esxtop to identify storage performance issues”


SBCS (including UC500) Technical Enablement Labs

This document includes:
Links to documents and Materials you need to be familiar with Technical Enablement Labs that show you how to configure basic functions
TEL Template
Links to Documents
For any Partner who wants to build a successful practice deploying UC 500 (the new UC 540/UC 560 or the legacy UC 520), there are certain materials you need to become familiar with and as well some actions you need to take to have your Technicians and Engineers feel comfortable building and deploying UC 500.
Small Business University
Select Certification <– for both AM and SE

First Look SBCS UC540 2.0 Lab
Distance Learning Opportunity for Channel Partners <– for both AM and SE

Smart Designs
Design and implementation notes to show typical deployments <— for the SE

Integrating the UC 500 System with an Existing Customer’s Firewall
SBCS Feature Reference Guide (CCA configurable)
No longer requires login; accessible to partners and customers. <– for both AM and SE
Administration guide for CCA
The CCA Release Notes give you additional information about whats new as well as any known issues with each release
The CCA Prerequisite Checks must be performed on the PC you plan to run CCA on and will save you days of wasted time
Platform Reference Guides <– for the SE
make sure you understand the SKUs supported and the capacity of the system as defined in these great guides
Quick Pricing Tool (QPT) <— for the AM and SE (reduce Quoting time from Days to Minutes)
Use the Site Survey <— for AM & SE
Cisco Steps to Success for VoIP – UC500 SMB Version

Collect what you need to build the system (much of it in a staging environment) before you deploy on site.
SBSC System Test information (how it was tested, which code was used, what the results were)
Third Party Applications to be understood:
In addition to embedded applications like SNR, WEBEX, TCV, IMAP Mail Integration, Video telephone, learn about third party integrations
Possible Milestones you can achieve as a measure of your ability to deploy.
Select Certification and identification of key individuals in for roles and responsibilities
get NFR Gear (UC500, ESW switches, Phones, AP541s, which you can demo to your customers)
Training touches – attend the virtual trainings and perform the TELs below in this document
SBCS User Guides (including phones):
Get the Latest CCA Code:
Let the Latest UC500 Bundle:
Please take a look at the UC 500 Software Pack Roadmap posted at
Office Manager (OM) Information and SW
Office manager Installation Guide
Technical Enablement Labs (TEL) and Videos (VOD)
As SBCS moves forward, it does so with the UC 500 SWP, a given CCA version and the Office Manager (OM) version that work together to deliver new features and functions. This TEL lab area is updated by partner demand on the support community, many times to answer discussion threads that we feel should be answered more completely with lab demonstration. While we try to obsolete older labs to the bottom, there are still some older labs not yet replaced and so you should always consult the CCA OLH and Admin Guide as well as latest Smart Designs (which normally lag behind TELs but become more officially supported docs).
When we Announced CCA 3.0 and Office Manager 1.2, we delivered two Partner Webcasts and the .ppt used are here:
CCA 3.0 (new capabilities) Demonstrated (Webcast ppt from 1/13/2011)
Office Manager 1.2 technical Webcast/demo for partners 1/20/2011
Initial Maintenance and Configuration with CCA
Creating and Managing Customer Sites with CCA TEL
SW Upgrade: SWP 8.1.0 with CCA 3.0 TEL
Configuring a UC500 Demo System with CCA 3.0 TSW and Bulk User and Phone Import
UC 500 Localization using CCA 3.0 SW Upgrade Utility VOD
TSW for Bulk User and Phone Data Import using BulkDataImport.xls in CCA 3.0 VOD
Upload and Download files to UC 500 Flash using CCA 3.0 VOD
Upgrading or Installing a New License on a UC540/560 using CCA 3.0 TEL
Adding a VLAN to UC 500 TEL
Features and Functions Labs and VODs
The Remote Teleworker Router Configuration with CCASPA525G_SSL_Remote_TEL_19.pdf
SPA525G Remote SSL VPN Teleworker to UC 500
Users And Extensions Assignment in CCA 3.0 with Hold Alert and Speed Dial TEL Connectivity Status Diagnostics and Recovery with CCA VOD
Multiple WAN IP to LAN Static NAT Mappings with CCA 3.0 VOD
CCA Tele-worker Phone Support MTP Configuration VOD
Live Record Configuration and Beep Adjustments with CCA 3.0 TEL
Removing Live Record Beep Tones with CCA 3.0 VOD
Configuring Combined Paging Groups with CCA TEL
Paging Group Configuration with CCA VOD
SKYPE for SIP Configuration with CCA TEL
Configuring Remote Access to Administraton via Telephoine (AvT) for your AA with CCA TEL
Auto Attendant Script Customization (Alternate Greeting and Dial by First Name) with CCA TEL
Assigning FXO ports as “CO Lines” and assigning them to phones
Manual Override to AA TOD Schedule using Night Service
Configuring the UC500 to work with Call Accounting and Call Recording from ISI
SA500 Configuration with CCA TEL
Configuring and Operating FXO Trunk Groups with CCA TEL
Hybrid Key System Configuration with CCA
Webex Phone Connect configuration with CCA 3.0
Lab 3: UC540 EZVPN Configuration
Lab 4: SIP Trunk Configuration
Lab 6: SA500 Security Applicance in front of a UC500 with SIP trunking
Lab 7: B-ACD (Basic ACD) Configuration
Lab 8: Auto Attendant and Night Service
Lab 9: Multisite using CCA 2.1 Multisite Manager
Lab 10: Protect Link Gateway Service on SA 500 in front of UC540
Lab 11: Smart Application: TimeCardView
Lab 12: Smart Application – IMAP Unified Messaging
Lab 14: Unified CallConnector (UCC)
Lab K: Traffic Shaping and Max Connections (CAC),
Lab 15: SR520-T1 Configuration with CCA
Lab 16: Video Monitoring xVC2300 IP Cameras from SPA525G Phone
Lab 17: Smart Call Connector Attendant Console Operator
Lab 22: Disable Cisco IP Phone WEB Server access on UC500
LAB 24: NTP on SBCS (UC500 & SBCS)
Lab 25: TheOffice Demo configured using CCA 3.0 (Updated)

How to DEMO the OFFICE SBCS – Demo Guide
The actual DEMO Performed (54 minutes run time)
Lab 26: SNR Smart Application Configuration and Operation on UC500 with CCA
Lab 28: UC560 Voice Mail Expansion using upgrade of external CUE Flash to 8G
Lab 30  UC500  Access List Manager – An example on how to restrict Guest Network access
NOW OBSOLETE Labs Archive (based on older SWP and CCA version)
LAB 1: UC540 Initial Connection, Discovery, SW Upgrade, Phone Load Management, and Licensing
Lab 13: Smart Application – Live Record
Lab 20: Cisco Phone Firmware Upgrade (79xx models – manual)
Lab 23: Paging Groups on UC500
Lab 18: Auto Attendant custom script configuration for ‘no action transfer
Lab 21: SMTP Notification of UC500 Voice Mail to EMAIL
Lab 27: Configuring Alternate Greeting on UC500 Auto Attendant
Lab 2: UC540 Telephony Setup Wizard in Staging (staging without phones)
Lab 5: UC540 FXO PSTN Trunk Group Configuration

Public NTP Primary (stratum 1) Time Servers

  1. ( Location: University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  2. Location: Canadian Meteorological Centre, Dorval, Québec, Canada
  3. Location: Canadian Meteorological Centre, Dorval, Québec, Canada
  4. ( Location: University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
  5. ( Location: National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  6. ( Location: National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  7. ( Location: University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
  8. ( Location: University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
  9. ( Location: Quincy, California
  10. ( Location: San Jose, CA